PPP threatens to block Sindh’s border on water crisis

Zahid Chaudhary


Water crisis in Sindh again surfaced in the session of National Assembly on Wednesday with Leader of Opposition in National Assembly threatening to block border of the province if the federal government did not take notice of the situation and resolve the matter.
Speaking on a point of order in the lower house on Wednesday Shah said despite acute water crisis in Sindh, link canals were opened in Punjab which was injustice with the people of Sindh. He vowed to fight for the rights of Sindh.
Earlier the opposition leader called for promoting tolerance in society and in political system or it would create anarchy in the country. He said Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) has always condemned incident of un-parliamentary attitude in politics. “This parliament not only represents 220 million people of Pakistan but also protects their rights,” he said.
Meanwhile Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal urged all political parties and religious scholars to fulfill their responsibilities towards eliminating extremist mindset from the country.
He said we already have witnessed a lot of bloodshed and anarchy. He said it is time to crush the seed of hatred and establish complete peace. He noted that with extremist mindset we cannot take forward the country.
He said it is not the right of any person to take the life of any individual but the decision regarding award of punishment rests only with the courts and judges.
The Minister said that about two thousand Pakistani religious scholars “Under Paigham-e-Pakistan” have also stated that Jihad cannot be declared by any individual or a group but only the state. He said our religion also preaches peace and we should truly follow its teachings.

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