PPP stresses govt to accept demands or face 90s politics

Faisalabad—Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has decided to confront the government head on and has asked the Prime Minister to accept their four demands or the PPP would launch a protest movement.
The warning was given by leader of the opposition Syed Khursheed Shah while talking to media here on Monday alongwith newly appointed PPP Central Pun jab Qamar Zaman Kaira.
Khursheed Shah said they are following the policy of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto for supremacy of parliament and strengthening of democracy. He however made it clear that the ball is in the court of the Prime Minister to accept the PPP demands including passage of its bill to investigate corruption and appointment of a foreign minister.
He said that if the PPP had supported Imran Khan’s sit in, the present government would have gone. However the PPP believing in supremacy of parliament took a principled stand.
The leader of the opposition rejected the statement of the Prime Minister that the PPP wants to return to the 1990s politics and said whether the PPP should return to the past politics, the ball is in PM’s court. He said the PPP did not demand resignation of the Prime Minister and they only want acceptance of their demands till 27th December. He again stated that PPP is still an anti establishment party while others were creation of dictators.
He also stated that doubts have increased over the Panama Leaks after the statement of Qatari prince where as there was no mention of the Prince in the speech of the Prime Minister in the Parliament and address to the nation.
Mr Qamar Zaman Kaira who has been given the task of revival of PPP in Punjab was more critical of the government asking it not to force the PPP to return to politics of 1990s. He questioned as to who went back by referring to the strong criticism of the former President Zardari by Punjab Chief Minister.
To a question, Mr Kaira said that the present democracy is due to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto who gave sacrifices for parliament and democracy and how a parliament would be complete without Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.—INP

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