PPP on PTI’s bandwagon

THE Supreme Court has, apparently, punctured the balloon of ‘Panamagate’ as it rejected on Tuesday a petition by PTI Chairman Imran Khan against disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif terming the allegations levelled in the reference as ‘frivolous’. Same objections were also raised against a similar petition of Jamat-e-Islami filed earlier and the fact that PTI failed to improve upon the case is reflective of its misdirected politics.
However, despite the fact that the opposition has no valid case to agitate on roads, PTI, which has declared its intention to go berserk in September along with PAT and single-man party PML (Awami), is trying to lure PPP too to join its plans to dislodge an elected Government through street agitation. After his meeting with Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday, what Aitzaz told newsmen sent dampening signal that the PPP, which claims to be champion of democracy, is ready to toe the line given by PTI. No doubt, Imran has respectable presence in the Parliament and his party is also running affairs in KPK but despite that he has little concerns about democratic stability and wants to grab power at all costs. That is why one can understand the position adopted by PTI that it would not rejoin negotiations with the Government on the issue of TORs but remarks of Aitzaz that talks with the Government are a dead horse are highly unfortunate. Doors are never shut in and things are always sorted out through give and take but the position adopted by PTI and PPP on TORs issue negates democratic spirit. By joining the bandwagon of PTI, the PPP would lost whatever respect it still enjoys among masses and therefore, it should focus instead improving governance in Sindh as people would judge parties on the basis of their performance and not rhetoric in next elections.

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