PPP MPAs call for efforts to curb pollution

Staff Reporter

Karachi—Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Jawaid Nagori, Sajid Jokhio, Shamim Mumtaz and Shahina Sher Ali have expressed their concerns over dumping of industrial and hospital waste in nook and cranny, near parks and on streets, incinerating the litter on streets and tree trimming in open daylight.
These are very destructive signs for any country and nation and hence all the authorities concerned should play their constitutional role for the promotion of healthy environment.
In a statement issued form PPP Media cell Sindh, they said that the world is experiencing challenges with regard to change in global environmental impacts, heavy rains, melting of the glaciers, heat waves and cyclones.
It is our duty to make efforts for curtailing the threats to the environment through variety of pollutions.
The heads of the authorities concerned should devise strategies for the end of the pollution and for the promotion of healthy environment and ensure implementation of laws on the environment for today and for the coming generations that deserve a peaceful and pollution free Pakistan.
The PPP MPAs while addressing the management of city’s Cantonment Boards urged upon them to prevent tree trimming in their respective limits s majority of tree trimming incidents have occurred in their respective limits. The outdoor advertisers should be held responsible and exemplary punishment along with heavy fine should be given to them so that they should fear for the repercussions in future.

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