PPP govt tormenting wheat growers, harming economy: Arif Alvi


HYDERABAD : Sindh government after making life of sugarcane growers miserable is now tormenting the wheat grower under its agenda to harm the agriculture-based economy of Sindh, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter president Dr Arif Alvi, addressing a press conference at the Hyderabad Press Club here on Saturday.

PTI Sindh Senor Executive Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh, senior vice president Sadaqat Jatoi and other leaders were present.

Dr Alvi said the ruling PPP has already damaged the economy of Sindh province by exploiting poor growers. He said billions of dollars looted from Sindh have been shifted to Dubai.

He said the rulers first targeted the sugarcane growers and cruelly exploited them. The rulers even did not accept the orders of the apex judiciary to give relief to these hapless growers. He said in Sindh there is practically a monarchy instead of democracy. He said out of 27 sugar mills in Sindh, 19 are owned by the Omni Group of Zardari. He said this monopoly is behind the economic exploitation of growers.

He said after the sugarcane growers now the PPP government has targeted the wheat growers. He said instead of distributing Bardana amongst the growers, the rulers are preparing to distribute it amongst their own party workers. He said the Bardana is also giving to the workers of PPP who even do not own one acre of land.

He said PTI Chairman Imran Khan has already said that they are against the idea of any division of Sindh, but the political opponents are misquoting him. He said the PTI is fully committed to the people of Sindh and their due rights.

He said we will field our candidates on every constituency and we will not form electoral alliance with any other political party. He said we want to make fully functional the local government system at union council level. He said Sindh has been braving an acute shortage of water, but the government of Sindh is the least concerned and we fully condemn it.

PTI Sindh senior executive vice president Haleem Adil Sheikh said the workers should be ready as many big wickets of the PPP will fall soon in Sindh. He said Imran Khan would visit lower Sindh on April 5-6 and Larkana and other towns of Upper Sindh on April 16-17. He said we have objections on the delimitations of constituencies and we have written in this regard to the election commission of Pakistan.

Haleem Adil said in Sindh corruption has broken all previous record and there are many bizarre stories of corruption in this province. He said the small timers of past have become billionaires now due to this mega corruption. He said the rulers have looted huge funds of Sindh and befooled residents of this province. He said many such uplift schemes have been introduced whose only purpose is to loot the public money.

He said Imran Khan is waging war for the rights of Sindh. He said we will oppose any division of Sindh with full force. He said the division of Sindh could only be held over our dead bodies.

He said the rulers have looted Sindh with both hands and shifted this ill-gotten money to Dubai to erect big palaces. He said in Sindh there is even no clean drinking water, while education and health sectors are in the shambles.

He said the people of Sindh are with us and with their help we will bring a lasting change in this province. He said we will bring prosperity here. We will reform education, policing, healthcare and local government sector for the betterment of common man.

Orignally published by NNI

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