PPP govt to establish Pakistan Film Academy on federal, provincial level: Bilawal


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Chairman PPP Bilawal BPPP government to es-tablish Pakistan Film Academy on federal, provincial level, Bilawal
hutto Zardari has indi-cated that the next government of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) would establish Pakistan Film Academy on the federal and provincial level while speaking at the first Pakistan In-ternational Film Festival (PIFF) Gala Dinner.
He said the suggestion of Paki-stan Film Academy is abso-lutely be supported by the Sindh Government and I asked the Sindh Cultural Department to support the cause with its poli-cies.
He said, “If the PPP wins in next general elections so we will have a Pakistan Film Academy not only on the provincial level but also on the federal level.”
Pakistan possesses the abun-dance of talent right of direc-tors, producers, musicians and technicians are second to none”, he said, adding, “We believe rightly that nurturing artists and culture was imperative to main-tain the growth of the industry.”
Unfortunately, the tyrannical and subversive regimes that warred its way and striped up all films moderates including cin-ema, he said, adding, this was perhaps one of the biggest losses Pakistan faced in the past as far as film and culture is con-cern.
Bilawal said, “Today the world is faced with an unprecedented threat of extremism and polari-zation now more than ever we need Pakistani cinema to show the true picture of our country to the rest of the world. We must change perceptions and show our truth.”
The PPP continues to support our culture that needed to com-bat extremism and it will incul-cate tolerance and acceptance in our society and it will help neu-tralizes these kinds of extrem-ism, he said asked the film in-dustry to fight against extrem-ism. “I believed that first Pakistan In-ternational Film Festival will provide a much-needed oppor-tunity to Pakistani film industry and help our entertainment and cinema industry that make a positive image to establish and introduce itself to others,” he said, adding, “We gratified and will support Pakistan Interna-tional Film Festival through the Government of Sindh.”
“PPP manifesto to promote cul-ture and arts and the Sindh Government helps and ready to continue its support this annual initiative (Pakistan International Film Festival),” he offered.
Bilawal said Pakistan is proud of its cinematic history. My grandfather Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had created National Film Development Corporation (NAFDEC) in 1973 to help pro-duce Pakistani films and pro-mote locally and internationally as well as offer finance cinemas across the country, he informed.Pakistani cinema is always showcased our heritage and cul-ture, iconic great Mohammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Zeba and Madam Noor Jehan identity of the country, he added.Sultana Siddiqi said societies and countries are recognized by the kind of art and culture they produce. We should also sup-port and promote the talent that we have in Pakistan.Films provide film-makers with the chance to put their energies to good use. Our artists need a platform where they could showcase their talent, and the festival gives them that plat-form, she said, adding, this, however, could not have been possible if she hadn’t had the support of like-minded people, as a result of which the event has become a reality in three months.She also acknowledged the role of the federal government, Sindh government and the pri-vate sector in helping the cause.
Local feature length films, short films and documentaries will be screened at six venues in the metropolis during the four-day Pakistan International Film Fes-tival.

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