PPP deplores Interior Minister remarks


The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) deplores and condemns the distinction between sectarian and non-sectarian militant outfits reiterated yet again by the interior minister as “deeply flawed, grievously offensive and extremely dangerous for the state and society”.
Talking to media in Kallar Syedan on Saturday the Interior Minister not only defended his previous remarks in the Senate but also defended the Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC) on the ground that it was not a proscribed organization claiming also that its leaders had met the former President in Presidency.
In a statement Sunday, PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the Minister seems unaware that the DPC has been publicly calling for armed jehad in a neighboring country and has been allowing its platform to be used by banned outfits.
Does the Minister wish to assert that proscribed organizations can freely assemble under the banner of DPC because the latter is not proscribed, he asked? Or does he wish to assert that calling for armed jehad in a neighboring country by any outfit is state policy?— NNI

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