PPP to contest PM’s election

Salahuddin Haider


Pakistan Peoples Party announced today that it will put up its candidate for the prime ministership in the special session of the national assembly. This was announced by the party chairman Bilawal Bhutto at a press conference here Friday.
In the same breath, he recalled that his mother, late Benazir Bhutto had warned Nawaz Sharif that one day he will be paid in the same coin. His victory in the 90s was temporary, but one day he will face similar situation, and perhaps will regret the decision then.
He announced that the candidate for the premiership, to replace Nawaz Sharif, will be made by the party, as well as the decision to nominate him for the national assembly membership through consensus. It will be done at the right time as to when he should opt for national assembly membership.
PPP, he said, was an ideological party, and had always stuck to its philosophy, propounded by his grand father, late Mr Z A Bhutto,who was also its founder, and first chairman. Asked whether he expected similar decision against Imran Khan, as one announced against PML-N chief, he said he did not know details of case against Tehrik –e-Insaaf chief, but believes that principles should be applied to all without discrimination.
Asked about across the board accountability of those involved in collecting illegal money, he replied in affirmative, citing the example of Asghar Khan case, the reference against hanging of Z A Bhutto, pending before the apex court.
He said that Supreme Court (SC) verdict removing Nawaz Sharif against prime ministership, and shutting doors of politics on him for life, was no victory for any individual. It was victory for people of Pakistan and the decision was nation’s property.

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