PPP concerned over increasing disappearances of political activists


Staff Reporter

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Human Rights Cell Central Coordinator Dr Nafisa Shah on Monday expressed concern on the increasing disappearances of political activists, scholars and bloggers in the last few days in the country.
In addition to Salman Haider there are reports of at least 3 other bloggers and activists who are missing besides a number of political activists in Sindh and Balochistan.
‘The Minister Interior must come clean on this matter and take urgent steps towards recovery of these activists. The Minister for information technology should also give us answers as it is apparent that their blogs have been removed,’ said PPP Human Rights Coordinator Dr Nafisa Shah.
‘Unfortunately PMLN government has miserably failed in implementing the National Action Plan or in punishing the terrorists and ironically social activists and intellectuals who are the main challengers of extremism in Pakistan are being kidnapped, tortured and victimised and government is either clueless or unable to protect them,’ she added.

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