Power load-shedding

Pakistan is currently going through one of the most threatening problems and issues, which is the electricity load-shedding for both domestic and commercial use. This issue has been very devastating for the national economy, as the industries have been adversely affected by this drastic shortfall. Currently, Pakistan is facing more than 6,000 megawatts shortfall due to which, in the urban areas, the electricity load-shedding is being done on a regular schedule of 10 to12 hours on a daily basis while the situation in the rural areas is even worse, as the schedule of load-shedding is almost 15 to16 hours daily. At present, Pakistan is producing round about 14,000MW of electricity while the consumption has reached 20,000MW so the shortfall of 6,000MW is the main and most crucial reason for the load-shedding.
The destructive load-shedding has been frustrating for the people because it has affected their routine life as well as work and the most importantly has affected the businesses. Electricity is considered to be one of the most crucial and a basic necessity for running any business or industry and its shortfall has dented the national economy. Many businessmen have taken their units out of the country which has significantly reduced the production and economy.
Protests against the load-shedding have been staged all over the country in which various extremist and violent elements have even wasted a lot of national property which has been the threat to the law and order situation as well. The federal government has to deal with this issue on high priority basis because this load-shedding is one of the most deadly hindrances in between growth and success of the country. The government has to focus on the issue, which should be resolved at its earliest for sake of promotion of trade and investment in country.
Hira Khan

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