Poverty in Pakistan

Sana Samad

Though in past few years, Pakistan has improved but failed to control high growing poverty in spite of having natural resources. The literacy rate is growing but without job opportunities, the individuals are being unemployment mean entering in poverty. With the population of around 200 million, more than 70 million people are living below poverty. Poverty is causing crimes, child labour and other dangerous activities, and people belong to poverty are only facing problems including lack of schooling, lack of healthcare facilities, lack of nutrition, lack of shelter and other major problems. Every year October 17th, International Day for the Eradication of poverty is observed across the world including Pakistan. This is an UN day, and this day many countries work to eliminate poverty, and some countries are successful as well. Unfortunately, Pakistan has never worked to eradicate poverty. The rich person are getting more wealth, but poor does not have three times of food to eat. I request the concern authorities to provide the basic facilities to the poor, and should ensure full safety of them.

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