Poster campaign protested

Pakistan has very rightly and promptly lodged a strong protest with Switzerland over a banned outfit Balochistan Liberation Army’s poster campaign in Geneva taking strong notice of this sinister move. According to the reports, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Switzerland has in a letter to the Swiss government permanent representative at the United Nations has taken up the matter of BLA’s posters in some localities of Geneva saying that Switzerland should not let a banned outfit use its territory against Pakistan terming the incident as a belligerent attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan for giving calls for “free” a legitimate part of the country. He has also pointed out failure of the Swiss authorities in taking action against the members of the group which is listed by Pakistan, Britain, USA and other states as a terrorist organization.
In continuation of this, it is also good to note that the Foreign Office has also summoned Switzerland’s Ambassador to Pakistan and a strong protest was lodged with him on the display of anti-Pakistan posters in his country and an insidious paid campaign against Pakistan. The Swiss government was urged through the envoy that as a friendly country and a close partner, it should take action immediately against the perpetrators of such a malicious campaign
In the first instance, Swiss Government should not have allowed its soil to be used in such a hostile manner against friendly country, Pakistan. Secondly, now that protest has been lodged prompt action ought to be taken without any delay and Islamabad duly kept in the picture in this regard. Swiss authorities should not only forthwith arrest the members of a banned outfit and also try to find out as to which foreign country inimical to the existence of Pakistan is using its soil for such a sinister and unlawful campaign against a friendly country.

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