Post-coup situation in Turkey

M Shahid Rafique

What is happening in Turkey after failed coup attempt is highly undemocratic and violative of the fundamental rights. In an effort of the sweeping purge, the media among others has also borne the brunt of crackdown, which included the arrest of several journalists and shut down of various newspapers and news channels critical of the government. More than sixty thousands soldiers, policemen, judges, civil servants have been suspended, detained or placed under investigation. Anyone having attachment with Gullen in one way or the other has invoked wrath of President Erdogan. In an interview with Reuters, Erdogan has compared Gullen to cancer and said that he would restructure the military to give it fresh blood. The government has every reason to investigate the plotter but the way the campaign is being launched may push Turkey to further polarization and civil unrest. President Erdogan defended his political government with the help of the people and he must keep in mind, while devising any strategy to clamp down his opponents, that the rights of the people are not undermined.
— Lahore

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