Possibility of regional stability

The major stakeholders in Pakistan should be more worried about their home then taking the responsibility of finding solution to the issues in the neighbouring countries. India blamed Pakistan for the November 2008 Mumbai attack without giving solid proof and the whole machinery of country, setting aside national issues, started following orders of India. Some politicians and media channels even solidified Indian claim that Ajmal Kasab, main perpetrator, was a Pakistani national. Pakistan was not given any access to attackers. Kasab’s accent was peculiar and his usage of Baghwan in his confessional statement raised doubts about his nationality and religion.
Moreover, the terrorists’ phone recording was disrupted by the Indian officials in that they evidently claimed that they were from India. Every attack in India raises alarms in Pakistan. Just recently, six Indian army personnel were killed in Jammu & Kashmir and Indian pointed fingers on Pakistan without providing any unyielding evidence. Same is the case with Afghanistan that is following India in this regard.
What about the attack inside Pakistan? Is there any country responsible for that? If yes, then did it officially proclaim that it would help Pakistan in punishing the terrorists? There is clear evidence that India is using the Afghan and Iranian soil to fan insurgency in the crucial province of Balochistan. Kulbhushan Jadhav was the part of the network that has been killing Pakistanis for years. Pakistan has been suffering from the so-called war on terror which was initiated by America with the purpose of maintaining peace in the world. In fact, it shattered the peace of many countries. America considers the third world with contempt and scorn. It has been the super power for years but never indulged in productive activities rather it kept on bearing down on the meagre economies of the world. Right now, its blind support to India gives message to Pakistan that it is time to restrain its relationship with America. Our political and military elite need to comprehend that Americans are acting with hostility and they want to give India key role in the region. The US wants to see India its right-hand that could control the vital part of Asia. This dream is not going to be true as now is the time to maintain equality and justice among the nations; moreover, world’s other leading powers like China and Russia are not going to let it happen.

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