Positive role of Sindh Governor

SINDH Governor Mohammad Zubair on Friday returned with objections the bill the Sindh Assembly had passed earlier this month to repeal the applicability of the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999 in the province. He pointed out that elimination of corruption was the responsibility of all, the repeal of the accountability law was thus in contrast with interests of people.
Undoubtedly the NAB ordinance would have many lacunas as it was also used in the past to victimize the opponents but we believe the Sindh Governor has done the right thing by not signing the bill as we understand the provincial government has no right to annul the bill passed at the federal law. In fact if the PPP government had any reservations on the bill, it could raise the same through its members in the National Assembly and the Senate. In fact a 20- member parliamentary committee having representation also from the PPP had been constituted by the Speaker National Assembly to review the NAB ordinance. We do not know as to how much work the committee has done so far, but it would have been in the fitness of things that the PPP would have impressed upon the committee to speed up the review rather than repealing the ordinance altogether, which also drew strong criticism from different quarters including the opposition parties within Sindh Assembly. Especially at a time when the PPP along with parties are strongly pursuing the case of accountability against the prime minister and his family, attempts by the Sindh government to crush the bill exposes the very double standard of the party. There could not be any pick and choose for the accountability as the process started from the family of the PM must go on sans any distinction. There is also a general perception amongst the people of Sindh as well as the whole country that the Sindh government is resorting to such controversial decisions to save corrupt elements within its own ranks. We therefore will urge the top party leadership to stop taking such decisions and rather focus on the well-being and development of the province to stand a better chance in the next polls.

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