Positive mindset

Hanan Anwar

It really hurts me to mention that as we all know, there are a host of problems in Pakistan. We are used to listen and say that there are no jobs in Pakistan; Pakistani system is not good, so on and so forth. Especially, the young people and students are totally clueless and don’t know what should they do and in which field should they start their career.
Some of young people really want to do something bigger for Pakistan but they have no platform, no opportunities. To all of them, I want to say that every problem is an opportunity; you just need to change your perspective as to how do you think about the problems. If you want to do something and want to change Pakistan, first change yourself and stop blaming.
Get up and change yourself. You can’t change anything without changing your own self. When you‘ll change yourself and your thinking, the way you act towards problems will automatically change and in the end you will realize that the things have started to change around you. Don’t think negative and never give up. A positive mindset leads towards the positive attitude.

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