Positive indications

Reports that lingering menace of electricity load shedding may end by Nov 2017 after all these years of power outages of longer and shorter durations are quite positive indications and obviously welcomed by all who have been suffering on this account for long. Country has reportedly achieved highest-ever power generation of 20,000 megawatt the other day and another about 3000 to 4000 megawatt power is hopefully expected to be included in the national system raising the total generation to about 24000 megawatt and thus minimizing gap between demand and supply which on average ranges around 5000 megawatt to almost zero if all goes well.
Reports have quoted the Minister of State for Power as giving this most welcome news that load-shedding will end by November this year. Needless to mention here that ever since its coming into power, the present government has attached top priority to overcoming energy crisis at the earliest possible and for achieving this cherished objective, has launched a number of power projects in parts of the country which are presently at different stages of completion. The positive indications given by the MoS are obviously based on the progress of implementation of these power projects in accordance with the scheduled timeline.
Please keep your fingers crossed and praying that everything goes well as expected and planned by the federal government and the menace of electricity load-shedding is virtually reduced to almost zero level before the year 2017 rolls out in the annals of history.

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