Posing as liberators

It sounds perfect that Muslim women in some of the countries got bit liberation from the brutalities of men, customs and traditions and old legislation. Women have been suffering harsh times from the atrocities, mentally and physically, which have made their lives like the hell in past days. Vanishing the legislation against the rights of the citizens and giving them the equal opportunity is something admirable. It would be an act of true kindness and generosity if other countries, too, give the rights of women and give them chances in each phase of life. What if we have a glance over our own realm of living!
We have the same problems with only talking and writing about the rights and needs of men. We have been neglecting a sector, a gender for a decade calling them as the beauty of our homes. They, too, deserve to live their lives with full peace and having the full amount of opportunities as men get. What better occasion then it to talk of their rights? If a country like Saudi Arabia is ready to give the women the right to live so why can’t we? Therefore, I request the Pakistani government through this article to look at a glance over the women of our state and give women the opportunities to live the lives they want.
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