Population explosion

According to a report the world population has increased beyond 7 billion people. And if it is not controlled then the situation will get worsened. The population experts have been warning again and again. But appropriate action has not been taken. The increase in growth rate has been observed in the backward and poor countries. The developing countries face the same phenomenon. The main reason for these countries remaining behind progress and backward is the uncontrolled growth in population. With the limited resources and burgeoning population a country cannot become developed and fully self-reliant.
Pakistan also faces the same problem. The real statistics of population will be known as soon as the results of the Census made available. We can certainly predict that the population has increased to dangerous levels. We must foster awareness about the population planning control. In a controlled environment the pace of progress is accelerated. And it enables us to distribute the resources equitably. The religious scholars and teachers can play a vital role in educating the people to adopt population control methods and limit the family to a decent size. A small family is a blessing of Allah. This gives us an opportunity to raise healthy kids with lesser resources.

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