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Pope calls a spade a spade

THE Western countries never get tired of lecturing third world and Muslim countries about their human rights situation but the fact of the matter is that the very action of these nations themselves has put the world peace and stability and life of peoples at greater risk.
Pope Francis, the head of Roman Catholic Church, deserves appreciation for also calling a spade a spade on the matter. Speaking to students and teachers of Milan’s San Carlo Institute in Vatican City, he, without mincing any words, said Europe and the United States fuel conflicts by selling weapons in war zones and held them responsible for the death of children in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Pope Francis remarks are indeed keeping in view the ground realities and had these wealthy nations abstained from directly or indirectly interfering in other conflicts, the situation today would not have been as depressing as currently is in the conflict zones where the people are faced with the worst kind of humanitarian crisis and forced to leave their homes. It also goes to the credit of Pope Francis for always speaking against wars and arms race and for promotion of interreligious harmony. His visit to the Arabian Peninsula and participation in an interreligious dialogue at the UAE are a clear manifestation of it. During his recent visit to Morocco, he once again stressed for greater religious harmony to combat extremism and terrorism. During his speech at Vatican City, Pope Francis also very rightly referred to the refusal of the western countries to accept the migrants. The apathy of the western countries towards the plight of migrants, who are suffering because of their wrong and self serving policies, really exposes how much the West stand for human rights and dignity. It is only the Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Turkey which despite limited resources accepted and hosted millions of refugees but on the other hand these western countries built walls to keep out asylum seekers and let them drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Anyway the words of wisdom by religious leaders such as Pope Francis is like a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stifling environment and one expects that he will continue his efforts along with others for promoting the message of peace and harmony.