Poor road drainage system

Due to heavy rainfall continuously for three days, the roads of Rawalpindi presented a view of canals. The road heading from Rawat towards Jinnah Park was full of water. While crossing it, I assumed there had come a flood in Rawalpindi. The small vehicles could barely pass through it. Similarly, the streets were full of mud and water. People could not find a way to easily pass without spoiling their clothes. Those who had to reach their offices, schools or universities got late due to heavy traffic. This is all because of the poor sanitary system. The rainfall becomes damnation instead of a blessing for the people {blessing for Islamabadites and damnation for Rawalpindites}. The concerned authorities are humbly requested to pay attention to the sanitation system of Rawalpindi. The streets should be concreted so that the rainwater could easily drain through them. Moreover, the rainwater which accumulates in the garbage alongside roads not only produces stinky smell but becomes a breeding place for mosquitoes which then spread malaria. So, the garbage should be placed in proper places where it can be destroyed or wasted easily away from the residential areas. More trees should be grown in the barren places for a healthy environment.
Wah Cantt

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