Poor conditions of govt hospitals

Through the column of your esteemed Daily, I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities towards one of serious issues of our country. The ones who cannot foot the bill of private hospitals opt for government hospitals for their treatment which is the responsibility of a State. However, condition in most of State-run hospitals is very miserable which in turn highly affects lower/middle class population’s health as they are ones who are mostly dependent on govt support for their health issues. Among others, a large number of insects and cats are found roaming about in the wards aimlessly. The walls are covered in grime and graffiti. The patients are being kept in an unhealthy and unsafe atmosphere. Doctors behave rudely with patients, instead of respect and humbleness. It is said that the doctor’s behaviour can cure half the disease. It’s their prime responsibility to take care irrespective of the social class/status of their patients. I hope the authorities will take this issue seriously and they definitely try to solve this problem which is badly affecting the health of lower/middle class people.
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