Pongal, also referred to as the ‘harvest festival’, is observed by the people of Tamil Nadu, located in the southern part of India. The idea behind celebrating this day is the gratification of people towards their God — the sun, for bringing about the season of harvest, which is a boon for them.
A few day before the festival, people particularly the women, clean and decorate the whole house with flowers. They use swastik and kumkum to embellish big earthen vessels. The pit is filled with water and rice by either the youngest or the oldest member of the family. As per the traditions, it is of paramount importance to add some milk to water in which rice is cooked which is to be offered to the Sun. People who get involved in cooking rice for the god have to take utmost care of cleanliness. They are not supposed to step over the rangoli which has been designed for decoration.
Mumbai, India

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