Pollution inside

Hashim Abro

Pollution, in all its types, is alarmingly increasing in Islamabad but nothing is being done to address this serious problem. Pollution in offices located in its famous commercial area called “Blue Area “and offices in Pakistan Secretariat and also in the residential areas in Islamabad like Government Hostels and Flats in Karachi Company is reported to have massively increased. Islamabad Metro Bus Service, and wear and tear for this gigantic project, is considered one of the major causes for pollution in and around this city- once a neat, clean and environmental friendly city – Islamabad, The Beautiful. The world-famed environment experts believe that the air inside office buildings, colleges, schools, varsities and apartment complexes can contain 10 times more pollution than outdoor air. This is a consequence of toxic emissions from building materials, airborne mold, viruses, and various pollutants but who cares in this callous society. However, bringing plants indoors such as Boston Fern, Peace Lilly, Snake Plant, Golden Pothos, Palm trees, among others, is a sustainable way to improve indoor air quality quickly. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has found certain ones to be surprisingly useful in absorbing harmful gasses and cleaning indoor air. Let us stop cutting trees in this capital and other cities through the length and breadth of Pakistan and bring more and more trees inside to cope with the pollution inside.
— Islamabad

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