Polls should be held under 1998 census: Shah

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Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah on Monday said that elections should be held under the findings of the 1998 census since the new census has question marks raised over it. He added that General Election must not be delayed.
In a statement, Khursheed Shah said that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League–N had won the election in its constituencies and thus it shouldn’t object to holding the general elections under the same delimitation. He also rejected the idea of a snap election.
The Pakistan People’s Party leader said that the conspirators against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were the people very close to him. “Very close people to Nawaz Sharif are the ones conspiring against him and even Nawaz Sharif knows who the enemy is”, he said.
Shah said that Nawaz Sharif’s politics will end permanently if he flees this time. He also criticised PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for calling a disqualified man his prime minister, terming it ‘joke of the year’.
He added that while the political parties were fighting over their own interests, no one was bothered about the plight of the poor.
The PPP leader maintained that Sindh’s population figures in the new census results were inaccurate. “If the results showed the true figures of Sindh’s population increase, the province’s seats would have increased by 10 or 12,” he remarked.
Shah said they have raised questions over the provisional results of the latest population count in Sindh.
He added that the PPP has no issues if the next general elections are held on the basis of the 1998 census results. However, the elections should be held on time, he said further.
Shah also explained that the PPP does not support the call for early elections in the country.
The PTI and PPP, among other parties, want the delimitations bill to be discussed in the Council of Common Interests before it is made into law.
Political parties have yet to pass legislation on the delimitation of constituencies, deemed a constitutional necessity by the Election Commission of Pakistan, with regards to the holding of general elections next year.

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