The politics of politics is cancer

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

AREN’T we as a nation depressed with anxiety, delay and silly directionlessness? Who are we trying to keep appeased with this political polarization? Are we required to sit and watch this stage show of nothingness? Is it going to give us – the employers, of those political actors – a tangible benefit? Is this drama going get us potable water, electricity, gas, jobs, literacy, healthcare, and security? What are we flirting with, as an institution that has to be supported, with our time and money? What are the compulsive forces and or doctrines of sociology or political science that drive us to live with this hype of slander and perpetual character assassination? Is this not corruption in denial of merit? Is this a game to demoralize an entire Nation because some idiotic alien theory warrants this nonsense? Is this some international ploy to enslave our minds to subservience?
The answer to all the above questions is simple: Sack the damn lot! On the stage, we the people see, Army Generals, Politicians and the Judges struggling to capture a place for the institutions they respectively represent without in any way assessing the worth and value of the institution itself for the benefit of the country and us the people. The servants of the people as they ought to be, are struggling to first absolve themselves of accountability and next have an edge above the other to control absolutely, what is now a valueless nationhood. Governments are run by consensus development but here we see a desire synonymous with the desire of the Pharos. Everyone wants to be Lord, King and God. This is indeed comical! The generic definition of politics is the defense of an ideology, a doctrine, a profit center, and the like. In a structure of the state where everything seems hammered down to politics and the pie seems capped by religious edits what we the people have is a mad house without any destination in view or a supportive road map. The writ of the people simply has to be one that seeks immediate cease and desist to the current mad indulgence. It must seek the re-definition of the state with all aspects of statecraft clearly articulated. The power indeed belongs to the people and it is their right to determine how they wish to be judiciously managed by a set of servants that guarantee welfare and security.
This is not going to happen easily because the social structure (often referred to as the feudal structure) of the state from inception has leaned upon captive political constituencies. This is in denial of the basic criteria of a nation state where territory, population and government are required to exist. We see here a map where the territory is fragmented, the population without an honest head-count and a government made up of traditional captors of constituencies. So, where is democracy? So, where is the exercise of the adult franchise? Where is the sovereignty of the state? The story does not end here. Where do we stand amongst the community of nation states in the world? What do we represent? Is it Nur Jehan, the atom bomb, the loss of East Pakistan, or the half occupied Kashmir, or perhaps the robbing turncoats we glorify as political shaheeds. This is a laugh yet again. Since the people are too depressed and polarized there cannot be a revolution of any sort but what can possibly happen and should is an assertive purge to set the structure of the state right as the final act of independence or the founding of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Who should bell the cat is again an issue. We do not want a Martial Law, we cannot have a revolution and the political parties have too much of an economic profit center to stake. A change that will establish Pakistan will dump them in to the dustbin of history as poppers accountable for their respective heist. Yet, this is cancer and we the people are suffering with it! There is however one segment of society left, perhaps, the people themselves. They have to do the honors by ceasing to work. They are the real stakeholders indeed and they need to rally to cause change, irrespective of costs, that will replace corruption with merit. This will provide a destination and the road map, which will set the course of this country right and will deliver us home. In ‘reversion to our ideology’ we can and will find a cure for the cancer that inflicts us.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in Karachi.

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