Politicians’ lip-service to democracy

PAKISTAN Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT), which is known for publishing research-based reports on important governance and democracy related issues, has, in its latest report, observed that the quality of democracy improved somewhat in 2015 as compared to 2014 but it was quite low if compared with 2013. It referred to holding of Cantonment and Local Bodies elections across the country but opined democracy was still struggling to survive.
There are no two opinions that the writ of the Government stood undermined mainly because of self-centred approach of some politicians and political parties that made every conceivable attempt to overthrow the incumbent Government, even by inviting the referee. Democracy is name of patience and sticking to established norms and practices requiring those defeated in elections to wait for next elections. However, in our case, attempts are made right from the day one to undermine the Government, depriving it of the opportunity to devote attention towards problems of the masses. It is also a fact that the opposition alone is not to be blamed as conduct of the government itself has not been as it should be. Parliament is accorded due importance only when there is crisis, Cabinet meetings are seldom held and even party leadership and elected members are not consulted on important issues. Decisions are made by a select group of bureaucrats and advisors sending wrong messages all around. Apart from the Government, the parties too are run in dictatorial fashions where leadership revolves around some particular individuals and secondary leadership and workers are not taken on board and dissent is also discouraged. There is also legitimate complaint that most of the parties even do not hold their elections but demand free, fair and transparent elections in the country. For democracy to flourish in the country, it is necessary that politicians should promote democratic culture in their parties as well.

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