Politicians demand thorough probe into Gulalai’s allegations against Imran


Senior politicians of mainstream political parties of Khyber Pakthunkhwa here Wednesday demanded high-level investigation into the allegations leveled by PTI MNA Ayesha Gulalai against PTI Chief Imran Khan. “The allegations leveled by PTI MNA Gulalai against Imran Khan are very serious and needed a high level probe either through Joint Investigation Team (JIT), FIA or judicial commission to ascertain the truth,” Saleh Muhammad, MPA of PML-N stated this while talking to APP.
It was in the interest of PTI Chief to clear himself from all these allegations involving his character. Imran Khan should immediately tender resignation from National Assembly seat and come back after making himself clear of the accusations leveled none by other than a senior PTI lawmaker against his personality. Ayesha Gulali was a highly committed and senior leader of PTI who served the party for several years and her allegations has raised many eye brows over the character of PTI Chief.
No woman especially in Pakthuns society can put her dignity and respect at stake by hurling allegations on moral grounds. He said such attitudes would discourage the women folk from participation in the politics and making their input in national development. The PML-N leader said that Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution should also be made applicable on the morally corrupt people.
Saleh Muhammad said PML-N will never compromise over safety and dignity of women. Former PPP KP Chief and provincial minister Rahimdad Khan has said that Gulalai allegations were grave nature that needed to be thoroughly probed by an impartial body. Imran Khan responsible for introducing indecency in politics as politics has now become a stigma for the people with clean record. Rahimdad Khan said PPP had highest regards for women in politics and would not allow anyone to exploit and deprived them from their in birth right.
Khalil Khattak, a PML-N Karak leader said that Imran Khan should immediately come forward and explain before nation about the facts against the allegations. “The entire people knew that Gulalai had challenged Imran Khan to make public their Blackberry messages and now its upto Imran Khan to prove her wrong doings, otherwise her stance will prove correct,” he explained. Khattak said Gulalai had posed serious questions against character of Imran Khan and needed to be proved through Joint Investigation Team (JIT) or high powered judicial commission as IK was not an ordinary person now and has become a celebrity.
Imran Khan could be disqualified under article 62 and 63 of the Constitution if the allegations proved correct in the court of law. Imran Khan’s silence over the matter was now raising many doubts in the mind of people. ANP leader and former KP minister, Wajid Ali Khan said Ayesha Gulali was highly educated and belonged to famous and respected Wazir tribe who put her respect and prestige at stake after allegations against Imran Khan.—APP

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