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Political temperature

OURS, perhaps, is the only country where political temperature never falls down but always remains on the higher end. Events of the last few days including the scenes that were witnessed outside the residence of Hamza Sharif and the exchange of harsh words between Prime Minister Imran Khan and PPP Co Chairman Asif Ali Zardari are a clear indication that the country is all set to embrace more political heat with political parties least interested to focus on the problems faced both by the country and the masses.
Given the challenges faced by the country on economic as well as external front, time warrants that greater responsibility and maturity is shown by all the parties especially the ruling one to take the matters towards improvement. Whilst the relevant institutions including the NAB and the judiciary are doing their work and hearing the corruption related cases, the PTI leaders should stop becoming their spokesperson and instead of provoking the opposition pay attention towards their actual work of bringing improvement in governance and reforms in institutions for which the people elected them to power. It is also for the opposition parties to stop threatening the government which only gives the impression that they want to escape the accountability process which must go ahead at all costs but without any discrimination. When PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said the Party has no option but to march towards the federal capital, it was not only against the PPP’s politics which always stood for democracy and democratic set-up but it also left the impression that the PPP leadership is facing the heat of accountability. It is also time that our political parties shun the course of politicizing the national institutions just to garner the sympathies of the public. Undermining the institutions may serve their political interests but will not augur well for the country. The country can ill afford the acrimony between the ruling and opposition parties at this critical juncture. Instead of doing politics on corruption, they should sit together to map out the framework for implementation of National Action Plan on terrorism besides work together to enact legislation in Parliament that brings improvement in the life of the people as democracy only strengthens when it also delivers to the expectations of the people.