Political and poverty inflictions

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

BEING judgmental, we see from human history that those who have given of themselves to society are heroes and those who have taken away from the society are zeros. Social acknowledgement is an essential human need comparable with water, air and food. All of us want and need social acknowledgement and that seems an absolute essential to the human race for existence. More. The need does not end there, amplified with greed, one wants acknowledgement beyond what one deserves! A psychologist could better explain this intrinsic human requirement, but its existence is undeniable.
Products of a feudal social order in a society have evolved to have aspirations of being lords, kings and Gods whilst societies of immigrants evolve into becoming militant, rich and famous! The genders divide places women in a category of attached roles, as often seeking both outcomes of influence and power! In either case, this inane desire, for aggrandizement and fulfillment of a bloated ego, is in denial of scruples. One becomes guilty of a crime by transgression of some popular or divine law. This is of course not applicable to the ‘chosen few’ by the Creator, as they are chosen to manifest as an example to being ‘just’. Which of course, is the scale of human purity and the hallmark of favored wisdom.
The society on the other hand cannot survive without men who breach all laws in their ‘exercise of free will’ and it is these people who make up for the echelon of human society. These people are categorized as romantic rebels as they exercise free will only to discover the truth that has mankind. These are inventors, the scientists, the explorers, and the people who were intrigued. They remain in the constant search of the truth of anything and everything. These are the people, the legionnaires who are the echelon of society and have remained so through the ages, constituting the social class termed as the ruling elite. While they have made up for about ten percent or less of any society in time, the majority of the rest are but commoners. These commoners are people who live in the image of the echelon and are followers. Among the echelon we can see classes of people recognized for their trades and expertise like poets, jurists, politicians, scientists, authors, artists, soldiers, traders, entrepreneurs, teachers and the like. This structure of society notwithstanding, we witness a joint leaning by all these classes of people on a class one refers to as the clergy. This class has obstructed the exercise of free will by man and has held him hostage to determination.
The clergy has remained pseudo partners with oppressors’, usurpers, and tyrants in the history of man to keep the victims appeased. They often comfort the oppressed to not aspire for this sinful world as it for the people of hell. Your rewards are awaiting you in heaven. This class of people is as menacing for human societies as are enslavers and usurpers of men and material. In my researched understanding I can figure why this class in Islam is not recognized and is in fact condemned.
In view of the foregoing above we witness, in the Pakistan context, a society predominantly with a mind-set that is in denial of ones reality for social status. The role models that exist seem above the law and prosperous. The commoners in their visage therefore presume breaching the law as the epitome of success. These are the masters of no trade yet jacks of intrigue and mischief. Ironically they also find labor as demeaning and something that is for children of a lesser God! Begging, stealing, lying, conniving, and all acts and omissions that are illegal seem do-able to get social acknowledgement. These are career politicians without a cause they can acclaim as their forte. Becoming a cleric or obtaining a legislative ticket/seat to establish authority over fellow men is in addition to the list of social paracites.
In a cultural environment of this like it is incumbent that we establish merit over corruption and impose the law across the board for an individual’s right and obligation based on skill and expertise. The lineal tree should not entitle people to get authority in excess of, what by the yardstick of merit, is permissible. We have to weed out all those who have robbed the rights and property of the people even if it is for pit tens. The one other thing we need to do is establish, through a politically non-partisan judiciary, equality amongst men for the abiding of the laws. The people, who need to be served and cared for by a bureaucracy in servitude, must always have above all a class of people who can adjudicate between the rulers and the ruled. The jurist. The neutral umpire. These are people who like the soldiers dedicate their lives to serve the cause of Allah and provide justice based on the equality of man. Unless pride is added to all human engagements with a reward in social acknowledgement, we will continue to suffer immensely in the hands of the immoral and the bandits we glorify as Robin Hood!
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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