Political lawlessness

Hashim Abro

Unfortunately, a constant mayhem of law and order has become visible in our society. Let me state flatly that a reasonable and law abiding man is not respected in this society but an unreasonable and law violator is extremely eulogized. Like many other humble students of law and political science, I suffocate whenever I see lawlessness in and around in this society.
It is also observed in many instances that legitimate is regarded as illegitimate and illegitimate as legitimate. So much so, illegality is promoted by our ruling elites. There is lawlessness, bad governance, human rights and administrative rights violations, terrorists seem invulnerable and innocent law abiding citizens are vulnerable. We have reached that frightful moment in lawlessness across the country where all and sundry prefer death to life in this country. People want to die; that’s why self-killing has alarmingly increased in the country.

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