Political instability in Balochistan

Waleed Lal

Where there is deprivation of legitimate rights, lawlessness, exploitation of resources, tribalism, feudalism, emerging sense of militancy violence and other numerous outcomes, how can on expect a normal and smooth sailing and so is the case with the people of the largest Province of Pakistan. Ever since the promulgation of thee first Constitution in 1956 and later having the status of a formal Province, Balochistan is getting the assurances for having all the fundamental rights; but these proved as fake and deficient pledges and statements. Further, none of these itching after-effects are being discussed internally or externally. The situation gives way to mistrust, anxiety and depression ending up in frustration, extremism, militancy and finally terrorism.
Moreover, complete responsibility rests upon the leaders who are unreasonable and are incapable of looking beyond their self interests. The saner elements in the government, bureaucracy, intelligentsia and civil society are requested to wake up before it gets too late to handle.
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