Political impasse

The political impasse between government and religious leaders staying at the dissection of Rawalpindi–Islamabad has made the life hell of residents of twin-cities. Massive traffic jams and haphazard attempts to divert traffic to different routes has added insult to the injury. Kids residing in Rawalpindi and studying in educational institutions of Islamabad are bearing the blunt of the situation. For more than a week they are unable to attend their classes. Such is the state of “Good Governance” of the capital city.
The travel time between both cities has increased manifold owing to complete blockage at Faizabad flyover. Agitation is the basic and political right of every citizen of this county. But we expect that religious leaders will move a step forward to facilitate the life of common man. The situation is completely different. I humbly beseech all those who have blocked the roads to have mercy on tens of thousands of people who are suffering badly for this inhumane act. It is hoped that this request will not fall on deaf ears and some solution to this impasse will be visible

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