Political decisions should be through polling stations: PM


Nation that disrespects politicians never prospers

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Dera Ghazi Khan

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said on Saturday said that people are the ultimate decision makers and it depends upon them as to who they would vote for in the upcoming general elections.
Speaking at a ceremony in Dera Ghazi Khan, the premier said either they were dragged to courts or sit-ins were staged against them but people will respond to all anti-PML-N moves in the polling stations during the upcoming general elections.
“PML-N was not allowed to work. The response to conspiracies and removing the government will be given in polling stations. Leave the decisions of politics to the public,” he asserted. PM Abbasi maintained that problems of the past 15 years will not be solved in five years.
“What Zardari did with Pakistan is known to everyone. Pakistan will not progress if politics is left to those who fill their own pockets,” he criticized. The Prime Minister urged the public to work together and make PML-N successful.
Abbasi said Pakistan Muslim League-N served the people despite all odds and hurdles. He vowed PML-N will win the upcoming general elections in Dera Ghazi Khan to be held in July.
He notified that PML-N government has completed a number of development programmes including construction of roads, schools, hospitals, and power projects and even the opponents acknowledge this.
He declared that progress and prosperity come with the trust of people in the government. He said that the performance of PML-N government is self-explanatory and everyone knows about it.
Prime Minister pronounced that people are the ultimate decision makers and it depends upon them as to who they would vote for in the upcoming general elections.
Before the address, the PM performed the groundbreaking of Northern Bypass and widening of Rakhi Gajj Bewata Section 1. The Northern Bypass would divert the heavy traffic currently passing through the heart of the city and would help reduce the travel time and ratio of accidents.
Around 2.5 million people would benefit from the project with an average daily traffic count of around 5,000 vehicles. The bypass would be 18 kilometers long and comprised of five bridges and a flyover at railway crossing.
The city is strategically situated at confluence point of all the four provinces. Two major national highways N-55, Indus Highway and N-70 Multan-Qilla Saifullah as well as four provincial highways pass through it creating enormous burden on city roads.
Rakhi Gajj-Bewata section is extremely important as it connects Punjab with Balochistan as the shortest route.
“The decision of the people can never be wrong. There are appeals on court decisions, some are not accepted by history,” PM Abbasi said .
The prime minister emphasised that a strong political setup was necessary for the growth of a country. “A country where a politician is not respected cannot prosper.”
The people who worked for the country, they were taken to the courts. “This tradition needs to be broken,” he said, adding that this is not setting a good precedent for the people in Pakistan.
Speaking about Senate elections, the premier remarked: “Should our senators be those who buy votes of other people? Should the chairman be a person who bought votes? This is the quality of politics nowadays. This is the wrong we have to correct with the power of votes.”
PM Abbasi also said that the government of PML-N improved the situation of gas in the country. “The gas connections increased by 50% in last five years. Currently, gas projects worth Rs200 billion are under being constructed.” He remarked that the PML-N does not believe in the politics of hurling abuses at the opponents.
Commenting on the recent political crisis, PM Abbasi noted that his party had always respected the judiciary. “Political decisions are made by voters, and not through courts,” he said.
Taking an apparent jibe at the judiciary, he advised judges to leave political decisions to the people citing how they voted the Pakistan People’s Party into power in 2008, but rejected the party in 2013 as it failed to deliver.
“We have never used derogatory words to intimidate individuals. The people will respond to people who take recourse to such language,” Abbasi told the gathering.
He again questioned whether the same criterion should be adopted for the Senate chairman and the people again shouted “No”.
He said the PML-N did not pay even a single penny for that purchase to any member in the Senate election. He said he would go an extra mile to put an end to this corrupt practice.
He said the newly elected Senators and their political parties needed to give a written oath that neither they were paid or they paid someone else to purchase a vote.
He asked the people to rise above petty differences, stand united and vote for the only party that had practically shown that it was serious in serving the masses and was working for the progress of the country.
He said the PML-N had always pursued a politics of decency. “People throw stones on us, yet we return flowers. We have never been abusive and used only polite language.”
He said the conscientious people of Pakistan would definitely react to the way Nawaz Sharif was removed and would cast their votes in his favor in the forthcoming general election.
He said he had full belief that in the next general election, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) would again win with an overwhelming majority.
He said two major areas of electricity and communications were with the representatives of the people of this area. He said since 1988 Farooq Ahmed Leghari and the PML-N were on divergent lines.
He said there had always been difference of views, but the party respected late President Leghari as he pursued the policy of principles. He said the name of the airport of Dera Ghazi Khan needed to be named after the former President Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari, who worked hard for the people of this area.

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