Political admin arrests hundreds of Khugakhel tribe elders

Nasib Shah Shinwari

khyber agency

The officials of the Landikotal political administration have arrested hundreds of Khuga Khel tribesmen at Pak-Afghan border Torkham following a dispute over Torkham taxi stand between Khuga Khel elders here Tuesday.
The locals of Khugal Khel tribe and PTI leaders Haji Khan Shinwari and Yadwazir Shinwari told this scribe that our elders including PTI Landikotal leader Abdur Raziq Shinwari, Jafar Khan Shinwari and Zakria Shinwari with other elders went to Torkham to hold talks with other elders over Torkham taxi stand dispute.
They said as our elders started negotiation with other elders; the political administration of Landikotal arrested our elders and shifted them to Bara subdivision. The PTI leaders said the officials of the political administration have also tortured and baton charged our elders which was a coward act of the administration.
The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam FATA general secretary Mufti Muhammad Ijaz Shinwari and secretary information Khyber Agency Qari Jehad Shah Afridi have strongly condemned the act of the political administration and demanded them to release the detained persons till tomorrow morning( today morning).
The leaders of JUI criticized the officials of the political administration that they were not interested to resolve the local issues and disputes among people. They said the administrative officials have failed to settle disputes between locals and the today incident was the example of their failure.
Meanwhile the PTI Khyber Agency leaders and the youth of Khuga Khel tribe have also condemned the arrest of hundreds of Khuga Khel elders and demanded the authorities to release them soon.

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