Policy dialogue on Domestic Child Labour

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A Policy Dialogue on Domestic Child Labour, Friday, observed domestic child labor was a hidden labour, taking place behind closed doors. Dialogue was organized by Idara-e-Taleem-O-Agahi, ASER Pakistan with the purpose to stir debate within these groups about a increasing social issue that requires urgent action at various fronts.
There was representation from various stakeholders including government, civil society and young scholars. The dialogue opened with a detailed preview of purpose of holding this dialogue and a glimpse into legislative issues encompassing Child Domestic labour its prevalence in the country.
Due to its unseen nature, it is difficult to monitor or regulate the types of tasks the children are performing or their working conditions and treatment. These children are unprotected, exploited and at extreme risk with no approach to social or legal help. The legal system absolutely gives ‘NO PRTOTECTION’ to a child labourer. The Employment of Children act, 1991 where specifies age for a ‘child’ and ‘adolescent’ it does not give any protection to the hundreds of children working in our households.
The Punjab restriction of children Employment, act passed in July is the most recent legislative piece in this regard and still has not been able to provide protection to the child domestic labourer. ITA is organizing this policy dialogue to address the crisis of Child Labour in Pakistan and reflect upon the future of these children forced into slavery who should be in schools and to solicit expert recommendations on the topic.
To fight for the rights of these workers ITA has been working over the years and to further accelerate the protection of these rights this advocacy activity has been planned.

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