Policemen braving hot weather in line of duty without any shelter

Islamabad—As the mercury has soared to the new highs in the Capital, the personnel deployed at police pickets and traffic management duties are braving extreme weather conditions to accomplish their responsibility efficiently.
Without considering the consequences of heat and its ill- effects on health, policemen are performing their duties at pickets in tough weather to check suspected elements while traffic personnel stand for long hours under the blazing sun to manage traffic.
At various points of the city, no shelter (sun-shading) has been provided to these policemen who endeavor hard to fulfill their duties from dawn to dusk by risking their lives. In the execution of this sacred duty, they always keep their lives in perpetual danger to safeguard the lives of common people and some of them even do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in execution of duty.
Extreme temperatures represent a health problem and daily work in hot weather can pose a challenge even for the fittest. The risk of heat stroke is even higher but the policemen are performing duties in uniforms in very hot weather.
When contacted high police officials of various police zones to talk about this issue, they said they do feel about the hardships being faced by their subordinates. The police officials said that Islamabad police will provide their personnel with oral rehydration solution packets and wet color bands to beat the heat. The department has already provided water cooling jugs at the pickets. They said that best possible work environment will be provided to the Islamabad Police, so they can perform their duties in a responsible and dignified manner. During the Ramadan, policemen performing duties at pickets or road will be provided with ‘Sehri and Iftari’ in time to those police officials so that they may accomplish their responsibility in an efficient and effective manner.—APP

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