Policemen, a vulnerable lot

Bilal Manzoor

Our policemen are corrupt; they don’t care about public; they are incompetent and what not. These are the rants which we often here and it’s now a public perception about law enforcers. Every one blames them for their incompetency but no one want to go to the roots, no one want to know why the police who pledges to protect the citizens has become so diluted. It is a firmly embedded issue with various horizons. The kernel of the issue is lack of facilities. A constable with a meager salary is asked to do his duty whether it is sweltering hot or freezing cold. He is expected to fight terrorists who are equipped with all kind of latest arsenal, with an outdated rifle. He is not provided with a bullet proof vest yet he has to stop a suicide bomber, no matter if he lays his own life doing that. If he needs to move, he either has to ask for a lift or have to jostle in public transport and just imagine this “a policeman asking a lift from a citizen who he has to protect’’. Let’s look through another horizon. A policeman protecting the kids of his officer who study in elite private schools while his own children have a vague future as they are studying in government schools. A guard standing outside a lavish house of his officer while his own house, doesn’t even have a strong structure to sustain a rainfall, what to talk of an earthquack. His officers are paid handsomely just to sit in air conditioned offices and take medals for his bravery, while he who is subjected to miseries gets a salary that not even suffice for a normal life. O’Kay, after all that, if he becomes a martyr in a cross-fire, what he gets, a guard of honour on his funeral, a bouquet laid by a Minister on his casket, a petty amount “honouring” his bravery for which his family has to face all kind of red-tapes, addition of a word ‘Shaheed’ with his name as a suffix for a couple of years after his martyrdom and then what? His family is left to face all the sorrows and no one cares how the people who are survived by him, are living. After all that, he is expected to perform his duty with high spirits and have to keep a high morale.

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