Police mafia

Once upon a time Police Department in district Shikarpur was known as people-friendly and anti-crimes. The officers were very honest and mindful of their duty. If anybody approached the officers, they listened to their grievances with patience and took a prompt action accordingly. At that time the Department was free of any political interference.
But, nowadays it is involved in each and every illegal activity and known as pro-criminals. Majority of officers look unprofessional, either they are actually unprofessional or they only pose as unprofessional. These officers have been posted with the reference of politicians and other high authorities. Such officers are unable to follow rules and regulations regarding their duty and don’t know how to deal with public. Such officers are misusing powers for their personal gains.
Constables misbehave with public. Such {mafia} officials take money from criminals that is why they are unable to take action against them. The concerned authorities are requested to take serious steps against such officials and honest as well as professionally fit officials should be posted so that the needy people could approach them without any fear.
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