Police Inspectors in Sindh

Shafi Mohammad Solangi

Police is said to be the protector of public and to maintain law and order situation. Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) had established the concept of police, justice, prisons, court etc. It is mandated to protect the life and property of the people. If police system had not been established, the concept of administration of justice would not have existed and in there would have been absolute anarchy and law of the jungle. Someone has rightly said that if police performs seriously, there would be no crime at all.
In Sindh, police is fully politicised and politicians can move it in any direction they want to. The Punjab and KPK governments have declared the posts of inspector (SHO) as a commissioned position. Pakistan has great potential with its talented youth. Inspectors should be directly recruited through a competitive examination like CSS, so that our intelligent youth may may be appointed on merit and bring a real change in the society. The worn-out old system of policing needs to be revamped and replaced as soon as possible.
From Arabs to Mughals, Sindhis have always been under intrigues of their own elders who know nothing but their own interests. The ordinary people of Sindh have remained in cruelity since ages. The IG Sindh Allah Dino Khawaja and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali shah are requested to reform the recruitment procedure for the Police officials and bring in a system to ensure direct appointment against the posts of Police Inspectors, purely on merit, to provide an opportunity to the capable Sindhi youth to serve with dignity and patriotism.
— Dadu, Sindh

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