Police inspector’s cell phone stolen from IG office

How can a policeman protect people when his own phone is not safe?

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Citizens of the federal capital need to be fully vigilant and take extra precautionary measures to save their cell phones from pickpockets as police force is helpless before such rogue elements and even the office of police top boss i.e. IG Police is not safe from cell phone sneakers.
One wonders what to do, laugh or cry, as a police sub-inspector OSI (Office Sub-Inspector) lodged a complaint with Police Station Shamas Colony that his cell phone was stolen from the IG office. The said officer Naeem Yousaf who has recently been appointed in Operation Division had come to call on the IG Police of Islamabad Tariq Masood Yasin as a goodwill gesture and to earn his blessing for his new post when misfortune struck him.
The well-intentioned police officer had to pay a heavy price for the call-on and according to his application he was sitting in the waiting room where other police officers were also sitting when his cell phone was stolen. Someone took it away stealthily from my pocket, says the application. Police has forwarded his application to the CIA Police for further investigation. An Investigation officer has started investigation from the IG office, said the police sources while talking to Pakistan Observer on Friday.
Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Islamabad Police has serious strong notice of the entire episode observing how a police officer can perform his duties properly or save public from criminals when he cannot protect his own cell phone. According to The IGP office sources, the complainant has been removed from the office of the OSI, which is considered a high office in the force, and reverted to his previous station. “It is quite an embarrassing situation. First a police officer’s cell phone was stolen, secondly it was stolen from the office of the IG office and thirdly, the matter was made public,” said the sources. We are also considering action against those who have lodged complaint against the IGP office, they further said.
On the other hand police officers living in the Islamabad Police Line have taken necessary measures to protect their Android cell phones after the news and cell phones are being put in lockers. “Our phones are worth Rs20,000 and more and we cannot afford to lose them,” said a Sub-inspector.

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