Police had great achievements in Khairpur District

Samar Abbas


THE Sindh’s largest district in 2017 police in Khairpur district arrested more than 5,000 suspects and established peace and order throughout the district. According to details, police arrested most wanted criminals involved in 4440 different crimes, including rape cases in different areas of district. While arrested 225 robbers in various police encounters most of hardened criminals like Billu Narejo Aashiqo Jatoi and 4 others were killed while 21 active criminals were arrested in injured critical condition. The killed dacoits and criminals carried head money from the govt of Sindh on their arrest .One Notorious dacoit Yaqoob Sandeelo was notified for 1 million and was arrested too. He was wanted in more than 40 cases since 1993 in various districts of North Sindh District Sukkur, Shikarpur Ghotki and Khair pur.
Khairpur police also arrested 774 lawbreakers after taking full action against gamblers. SSP Captain (retired) Ghulam Azfar Mehsar said that several operations were conducted in the katcha areas. During the operation, heavy weapons were recovered and More than 200 motorcycles, which were stolen from different parts of district were recovered as handed over to owners. Four cars, 3 tractors were also recovered. SSP Captain (retired) Ghulam Azhar Mahsir said the first Women Police Police Station was built for the first time in the Khairpur district on the orders of IG Sindh A D Khawaja where trained women police have been posted and this is the first Women’s Police Station in Sukkur Division. Madadgaar 15 (Police Assistance has been activated on the special directives of IGP Sindh Khawaja, and same were established in Gambat and kot diji while rest are being established in all talukaaz of khair pur District.
While police checkpoints were set up at 95 km Super Highway and 124 km Mehran Highway at various places in Khairpur. Police patrolling was increased, after which no heinous crime was reported on Super Haiway and Mehran Highway and not a single Kidnapping for Ransom in 20 months was reported. All due to special attention effective planning and strategy that crime reduced many folds The-establishment of IT branch and creation of (CRO) Criminal Record Office were also the main initiatives on the directives of IGP Sindh. In which more than 50,000 criminals data bank is being restored and are kept on record in CRO Khairpur. SSP Captain (retired) Ghulam Azfar Mahsar said that friendly and fear less environment was created in the public and police. The police played an important role in eliminating sectarian hatred and gathered the scholars of all sects on a platform which led to peace on Muharram-ul-Haram.
The Kharpur district has remained historical and significant after it joined Pakistan. As this was an independent state before 1955.The Khairpur district is also very important in religious and political terms. It covers the district over 17 thousand square kilometres with the population of 2.5 millions people. The great spiritual and Sufi saint of Sindh Hazrat Sachal Sar mast tomb is also situated in this district along with the royal palace Faiz Mahal of the state, and the famous fort of Kotdiji is also situated in Khairpur district.

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