Police get three-day physical remand of prime suspect


Recovery of vehicle used in Fahad Malik’s murder

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—After recovering weapon and cell phone used in the murder of Fahad Malik Advocatre from his alleged murderer Raja Arshad, police is now looking for the vehicle used in the incident.
A duty magistrate was told here on Monday by the Shalimar Police as the remand period of the prime suspect ended and he was brought to the court in heavy security. Duty magistrate Adnan Rashid was told by the police that the investigation is underway and a 3-day physical remand of Raja Arshad was required.
Counsel for the petitioner submitted before the court that an innocent man was killed in the capital city and the police had recovered a kalashnikov and cell phone used in the murder of Fahad Malik, nephew of the former Prime Minister Mohammadmian Soomro and a British citizen. Public prosecutor said he had already given arguments in the Anti-Terrorism Court and had nothing new to say. On this the court granted police further 3-day remand of the murder suspect.
Fahad Malik was killed on Aug 15 in Sector F-10 when he left the police station after mediating between Raja Arshad and Malik Tariq, although the two groups had earlier reached an agreement at the police station. Supreme Court of Pakistan has also taken suou motu of the case. The report was called from the top police boss by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali with an observation that the lack of proper security arrangements by the administration constitutes violation of fundamental right to life and liberty which has been guaranteed under Article 9 of the Constitution.
The suo motu notice was taken on a note sent to the chief justice by Supreme Court Registrar Arbab Muhammad Arif in which he briefly stated the entire episode of the incident. The note has regretted that the incident could have been averted had the vehicles of the rival groups been properly checked an
d searched by the Islamabad police. The rival groups came to the police stations by these vehicles.
Moreover, when the police saw that the two parties were antagonistic towards each other, they should have anticipated breach of peace and should have taken all precautionary measures in order to avoid a clash between them, the note further says. The note also regretted that because of the lethargic attitude of the police department, one of the accused initially succeeded in obtaining interim bail from the court of district and sessions judge, Islamabad which now has been cancelled and the accused has been handed over to police on physical remand.

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