Point service in KU

Tayyaba Ismail

University Of Karachi, the biggest public sector university, provides Point Service to its students so that the students coming from parts of the city can easily reach. The aim is to provide facility to the students especially for those students who belong to middle class families. This service seems to be the most fascinating factor for the students. What is the actual picture of this service? There are about 24 thousand students, who are currently enrolled in Karachi University while only 28 buses are available for the students. Can anyone imagine the overall picture? How many of those 24 thousand students could avail this service? Most of the students have to travel privately which is more costly for them.
Having more than 52 departments, University of Karachi is just providing the service of 28 buses. If you have been to the University and visited the Point Terminal, you might have seen the condition of buses, turned into scrapes. 10 buses are damaged completely. The authorities ignored it totally. No funds for their repair. Often the point service providers are on strike demanding funds but it never works. Again students suffer from this situation.
Same is the case with shuttle Service inside Karachi University; Students of various departments have to travel for other departments to take classes. Shuttle service is charging 10 rupees fair from students, which ultimately means 50 rupees per day to travel inside the campus. Students claim that the fare is so unbearable for them and it makes difficult for them to bear the brunt. 5 rupees are more than enough for this service. The authorities should take action against this complex situation and should play their role to provide a smooth transportation system with cheap fare for the students coming from different strata of society.

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