PM’s welcome offer

AS tension continues to surge in the Gulf, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on Thursday, issued appreciable statement by saying Pakistan will do all it can to amicably resolve the diplomatic crisis there. Talking to newsmen onboard his flight to Astana, where he had gone to attend the SCO summit, he remarked that since Pakistan enjoys good relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar, we will try our best to resolve differences between the Arab countries.
This is a welcome offer and we hope practical steps would be taken to iron out differences among brotherly Muslim countries. Emergence of differences and disputes is nothing new but allowing them to harm the unity and solidarity of the entire Ummah is not a positive sign. Despite some difference of opinion, the GCC countries have been living not only in peace but also taking concrete measures to strengthen their cooperation in various fields to their own advantage individually and to the benefit of entire region. As also pointed out by Foreign Office, Pakistan enjoys good relations with Arab countries and therefore, it is rightly concerned over latest developments. Apart from political and religious ties, Pakistan has deep-rooted economic and business interests both with Saudi Arabia and Qatar and therefore, it cannot afford to take sides without compromising its own interests especially in the backdrop of sectarian issues that have been haunting the country for long and are being exploited by some vested interests to weaken national unity and cohesion. It is a foregone conclusion that instability in the Gulf would also badly affect Pakistan. It augurs well that after Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan, who offered to mediate, US President Donald Trump has invited Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim to White House besides efforts being made by leader of Kuwait to sort out the problem. The National Assembly of Pakistan also adopted a unanimous resolution urging Arab countries to show restraint and resolve their differences through dialogue. It would be in the fitness of things if the Prime Minister takes the Opposition on board in efforts to help resolve diplomatic crisis in the Gulf.

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