PM’s welcome directions

PRIME Minister Nawaz Sharif, who chaired 3rd consecutive meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy on Monday, directed immediate resolution of tariff issues and minimum load-shedding during Ramazan. He said government is working on multiple options of power generation so that consumers are provided with interrupted power supply.
The level of interest being shown by the Prime Minister in looking into the power shortages himself would surely help improve the situation in days and weeks to come. It is appreciable that the PM has planned more such meetings, which means continued focus on the problem that is irking people. There are no two opinions that present government has been working on different fronts to add more power to the national grid but it is also a fact that load-shedding has increased significantly these days, sending dismal signals to the masses. The success of the present government mainly devolves around two pillars – reduction in load-shedding and creation and development of infrastructure of the country. The sudden increase in power outages is a clear testimony that gains in the energy sector are not sustainable which government can ill-afford a year before general election. The priority that PM attached to Water and Power sector was also reflected by the fact that he appointed a Federal Minister and a Minister of State to look after the Ministry but the results so far are not as impressive as they should have been. Apart from the issue of load-shedding caused by less generation than the demand, there are also problems like over-billing and inflated billing, fictitious meter reading, poor quality of service, constant fluctuation in power supply resulting into loss of costly electronic gadgets, theft and line losses caused by poor distribution system which needs to be replaced and upgraded.

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