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PM’s peace overture to Modi

PRIME Minister Imran Khan on Sunday spoke to his Indian
counterpart Narendra Modi to felicitate him and his Party over the victory in the recent parliamentary elections, reiterating his vision for peace and prosperity in South Asia by working together for betterment of their peoples. This comes as the Foreign Ministers of the two countries had a brief interaction on the sidelines of SCO meeting in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. These interactions indeed indicate towards melting of some ice and thaw in relations following the tense environment that existed between the two neighbours ahead of the Indian elections.
The fact of the matter is that Pakistan has always strived to engage with Indian leadership to maintain cordial relations and move towards resolution of all outstanding disputes including the core dispute of Jammu & Kashmir. But the regrettable part is that the Indian leadership has never reciprocated to Pakistan’s peace overtures. Rather in the run up to the general election, its leadership whipped up Pakistan bashing and for political gains also brought the two nuclear neighbours to the brink of war. Had Pakistan not shown maturity with peace overtures such as release of Indian pilot, the situation could have gone far serious which would have serious ramifications for the whole region. Anyway as the election is over in India, one expects that the Indian leadership will also shun its anti-Pakistan posture and sit with Pakistani leadership to move towards normalcy. Indeed the lingering disputes between the two neighbours cannot be resolved overnight or in a matter of a few days but through greater engagement, they could move towards their resolution which indeed is imperative to rid the peoples of this region of poverty, disease and backwardness. The Indian leadership must release that confrontation is not in anybody’s interest. Going into conflict with Pakistan in fact will undermine India’s own economic interests. Therefore, sanity must prevail and talks should be pursued to take the matters towards improvement. As a result of Pakistan-India tension, SAARC forum has also become ineffective. India should end its boycott of SAARC Summit to be held in Islamabad and work towards making it an effective platform for cooperation amongst the regional countries.