PM’s non-partisan approach

SPEAKING at the launching ceremony of two landmark events at Gwadar on Monday, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi announced an equalisation package for Balochistan, urging the provincial government to prepare plans for development of coastal areas. He held out an assurance that the Federal Government would extend all cooperation in this regard as well as improvement of health and educational facilities in the province.
In the first place, the holding of first International Gwadar Expo, attended by delegates from around the globe, and successful completion of the first phase of Gwadar Free Zone is a clear testimony that Gwadar and Balochistan are on top of the scheme of things of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. This tangible achievement has effectively rebutted propaganda of some vested interests that were doing politics over the fate of a historic project. More important is the fact that Federal Government has been prioritising the development of Balochistan and especially Gwadar and, as reflected by PM statement, this policy continues despite engineered political change in the province. The PML-N Government, which had majority in the Provincial Assembly, was removed as part of a plan to deny majority to the party in the Senate elections, which are going to be held on March 3, 2018. However, despite all this, the Prime Minister urged the provincial government to develop coastal areas on modern lines before it is too late because of encroachments that have already started cropping up in different areas. His advice to the government regarding planned and systematic development of different regions of the province and willingness of the Federal Government to provide financial support to the province for its development show the non-partisan approach of PML-N leadership. We hope that the provincial government, as per PM’s guidelines, would work hard to formulate tangible proposals for socio-economic uplift of different areas of Balochistan so that benefits of modern-day amenities are also made available to people of the province.

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