PM’s belated but good initiative

IT is the responsibility of the state to ensure better health and education facilities to its citizens so that they could positively contribute to the socio economic uplift of the country. It is, however, unfortunate that these two important sectors have never been priority by our successive governments. The result is that these are in deplorable condition today requiring urgent attention of the government.
Present government has taken some steps towards providing better health care facilities to downtrodden segments of the society and under the PM’s Health Insurance scheme, the poor class is now getting medical treatment at some of the best hospitals, which were earlier open only to the elite class. Though belated, but on Friday, the Prime Minister approved yet another important initiative for the health sector by announcing to construct thirty hospitals across the country including three in the Federal capital. Indeed the construction of new hospitals will help reduce the burden of patients on the existing facilities which are overcrowded and where the scenes of one bed accommodating two, and even more, patients have become a routine. Besides new hospitals, there is also need to upgrade the existing hospitals as either these facilities are short of modern equipment or whatever equipment they have, often remains dysfunctional, thus forcing the patients to have the expensive tests from private labs. Then, the attitude of the doctors and paramedics is found most unbecoming adding to the miseries of the patients, especially those who cannot afford private hospitals. Therefore, there is a genuine need to bring an overall change in the environment of public sector hospitals where the patients could get treatment with care and respect. We are sure that the honourable PM will not only ensure swift implementation of his new initiative but continue his efforts to develop the state of the art health infrastructure where the patients could get treatment without any nuisance.

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