PML(N) re-establishes its hold on Punjab

DOMINANCE of Punjab by PML(N) has remained unquestionable for a long time and the party has re-established this impression by clinching NA-101 seat in the by-elections held on Wednesday. The victory is significant in that the party successfully countered aggressive campaign by PTI leader Imran Khan and political manoeuvring of veteran Hamid Nasir Chatta, who is believed to have traditional influence and hold in the area.
The Wazirabad election was understandably hotly contested but the ease with which the PML(N) has secured the seat must be reassuring for the party leadership and its workers. This is because it shows that despite frantic efforts by the opposition parties, not one of them has so far been able to make a dent in Punjab. But it is not without reason as both the Federal and the Provincial Governments have worked hard and delivered, instilling confidence among masses that it was pursuing policies and programmes aimed at their welfare and secured future. The Federal Government has implemented/initiated a number of mega projects not only in Punjab but throughout the length and breadth of the country and it has an active and elaborate programme to give more such gifts to people of different regions. Apart from this, Shahbaz-led Government of Punjab also has to its credit an unmatchable performance and service delivery. Barring inability of the Provincial government to focus on ordinary crimes, PML(N) government has launched comprehensive programmes aimed at socio-economic development of the people. Landscape of Provincial capital Lahore and other major urban centres is speedily improving and people are feeling a marked difference. This is in sharp contrast to what is happening in other Provinces where focus remains on Punjab-bashing and undermining CPEC. With 2018 elections not far off, it would be advisable for other parties to shun rhetoric and rely more on their physical performance, which, so far, is not enviable.

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